Practice Areas

Northwest Experts

Collins knows our philanthropic landscape and understands the complex dynamics of nonprofits. We study and work across sectors to ensure a creative exchange of ideas and innovative practices.


Human Services

Better outcomes mean better lives

As long as there is poverty, homelessness, and social inequity, there will be a need for human service organizations. Donors are focused on sustainable outcomes that revolve around both an immediate impact (like finding a warm meal or a bed to sleep in for the night) and longer-term solution to these problems (job creation and increased availability to low-income housing, for example). Collins Group will work with you to build strong donor and volunteer relationships for ongoing, sustainable fundraising to help you achieve your mission.



Meeting challenges posed by decreased government funding

Access to health care remains a major issue in our country. Spiraling costs combined with increasing patient expectations are colliding with the reality of daily business needs. Both independent health care facilities and larger health systems find themselves challenged to provide timely, compassionate care and meet patient demands.

As revenue pressures escalate, hospitals and health care systems have increasingly turned to philanthropy to fill the gaps left by decreased government funding and, then, to Collins, to help them map out a strategic fundraising framework and to build new donor relationships.


Arts & Culture

Balancing reverie with down-to-earth fundraising

No matter the year, the economic climate, or the weather, people need to lose themselves in a play, feel their hearts open during an aria, and cock their heads in wonder at a bold piece of art. Arts and cultural organizations buoy and remind us that we need to enjoy and participate in artistic and creative endeavors, as well as honor our heritage and historical organizations. The Northwest has a rich cultural history and artistic scene stewarded by dedicated nonprofits and their staff and volunteers. Collins is proud to have consulted with more than 100 arts and cultural organizations across the region.



Building futures one student at a time

Collins works with the full spectrum of educational institutions, from Pre-K-8 independent schools to public and private colleges and universities. While their students and missions might vary widely, they share one common concern: negotiating the gap between tuition rates and the true costs of providing high quality education in a top-notch learning environment.

Independent schools strive to remain vibrant and competitive while still maintaining the capability to expand and improve programs and educate young learners to be committed and curious community members. For many families, a donation to their child's school is their first foray into personal philanthropy.

Colleges and universities, two- and four-year alike, have faced painful belt-tightening due to the significant reduction in government funding. Higher education tuition has increased steadily and colleges are trying to keep pace with philanthropy so a first generation American student can afford to continue to attend classes and a middle class family doesn’t have to take out a second mortgage.



Sustainable fundraising provide roots for sustainable lifestyles

At Collins, we are big fans of the word “sustainable.” We believe in living a green, ecologically-sustainable lifestyle, and we believe in long-term sustainable fundraising. Environmental organizations often blend advocacy efforts with education, outreach, and philanthropy. Many grassroots organizations have now matured and are ready to move into major gifts advancement and endowment support. If we are going to protect our lands and waterways and conserve our natural resources, now’s the time.


Public Good

Advocating for the betterment of our society

There are many organizations that do not fit neatly into a sector. Their work ranges across regions or interest areas, but one thing is for certain: they exist to serve and improve our community. We at Collins believe in the power of public good.