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Whether you are in Seattle, Boise, or on the Kenai Peninsula, you can access trainings and presentations by Collins consultants. Come see us in person or attend one of our popular monthly webinars!


Upcoming Presentations


The Bridge 201 Board Training Course from Seattle Works

Tue 9/30 & 10/7; 6-9pm | $95 (you must be able to attend both sessions)
Hearing, Speech, and Deafness Center, 1625 19th Ave, Seattle


Are you (or someone you know) currently serving on a board of directors? Join Collins’ Consultant and NDOA President-elect Julie Bianchi for The Bridge 201: a 6-hour, advanced training from Seattle Works, designed specifically for you!

About this Board Leadership Training

It’s your job as a board member to deal with challenging and complex situations all of the time. But how do you handle them? Could you be doing a better job leading your peers through these situations? Take The Bridge 201 and you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to be an effective leader on your board.

Key Learnings

At the end of the two-session training you will be able to:

  • Define the characteristics and skills common to leaders
  • Identify examples of adaptive leaders and challenges in your own experiences
  • Define the three mode of nonprofit board governance
  • List the qualities of an adaptive organization and a culture of inquiry
  • Apply what you’ve learned in a board room simulation to navigate a complex challenge
  • Create three action items for how you will take what you learned back to your board

Take you board service to the next level and prepare to be a leader on your board.

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Free Webinar! Fundraising Communications 101: Your Case for Support

Tuesday, October 14, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. PST

About this free webinar from Campbell & Company

Successful fundraising communications begin with a strong case for support – yet many organizations struggle with case development, and some of the traditional approaches to case development no longer effectively serve today’s organizations or donor audiences.

Key learnings

Attendees will learn a simple working structure for defining your case, what your case for support needs to accomplish, and how to build buy-in from your stakeholders through the case development process.

Who will be hosting?

Kate Roosevelt, CFRE, Executive Vice President, Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company
Andrew Brommel
, Director of Communications Consulting, Campbell & Company

Intended Audience

Intended for executive leaders, volunteer leaders, fundraisers, and communications and marketing professionals of all levels, this first webinar in our three-part Fundraising Communications series demystifies this crucial but challenging concept, giving your organization a clear and focused way forward.

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Advancing Your Philanthropy Program: Strategic partnerships with fundraising consultants

Monday, October 20 from 9:00am -10:15am
Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC


About this ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) 2014 Annual Conference presentation

Science and technology centers: are you looking to re-energize your philanthropy program or are you planning to launch a campaign? Should you hire a fundraising consultant? Are consultants worth the investment? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this session about strategically using fundraising counsel in your organization.

Who will be presenting?

Kate Roosevelt, Executive Vice President of Collins Group, will co-present with Erik Pihl, Vice President for Development for Pacific Science Center in Seattle. Prior to joining PSC, Erik was Director of External Affairs at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Director of Development at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). He serves on the Board of the Nordic Heritage Museum and the Fremont Neighborhood Council.


Free Webinar! How to Effectively Include Planned Gifts in Your Campaign

Tuesday, November 4, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. PST

About this free webinar from Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company

While your development program may include some level of planned gifts, determining how these planned gifts best fit into a campaign can be something of a quandary. Will planned gifts detract from immediate fundraising needs? What portion of a campaign should be dedicated to planned giving? How can we engage volunteers and donors in these delicate conversations?

We’ll share the upsides and challenges of planned giving in the context of a campaign, as well as strategies and tools to help you determine the best approach to planned gifts for your organization.

Key Learnings

This webinar is ideal for senior development and executive staff as well as board-level volunteers. Participants will learn:

  • How to advance your strategic plan by incorporating planned gifts into your campaign
  • How to effectively train volunteers to help secure planned gifts
  • How planned gifts can help you reach your campaign goal without jeopardizing current funding needs
  • How to easily incorporate planned gifts into conversations with donors
  • Options and ideas for recognizing planned gifts

Who will be hosting?

Aggie Sweeney, President and CEO, Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company
Amy Brown, Senior Consultant, Collins Group, a division of Campbell & Company

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