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Our services help you  build relationships with donors to transform your organization and  build sustainable futures. If you don’t see what you are looking for or have questions, ask  us.


Comprehensive Campaign Counsel

Clear plans build stronger donor and volunteer relationships

Whether you are launching a first major campaign or have experienced campaign success in the past, Collins will help you find the most direct, cost-effective path to meet your goals. Campaigns require a strategic multiyear plan encompassing the broadest and deepest reach into current and potential constituencies and that moves forward on a calibrated timeline.

Even the most experienced organizations find that the involvement of professional campaign counsel not only dramatically increases the effectiveness of staff and volunteers toward reaching fundraising goals, but has the added value of helping you build stronger relationships with board members and major donors. 

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One of the best parts of our relationship was that we felt heard; we could call or email at any time... It wasn’t like calling a hotline and being told 'This is what you need.' It was a real conversation, but one where I had more experienced people to rely on."

Sarah Brooks


I applaud [Collins] for their willingness to listen to a lot of different voices. They interfaced with so many people at our board meetings and were just so patient. I have nothing but praise for them in pursuit of that knowledge, for always keeping their ears open for what might help.” 

Rachel Anderson


Campaign Planning Studies

Will the community support your proposed campaign?

Before you launch a campaign, you need to know that your donors are with you. A Collins study is not simply an assessment of donor support, however. Our study processes help prepare nonprofits for future campaigns and fundraising initiatives, and will help you to deepen your relationships with major donors, as well as collect critical feedback to help shape your organization’s future.

Collins will help you develop a case for philanthropic support and test that case through confidential interviews, focus groups, and online surveys to gauge the community’s interest in and willingness to support your proposed project. A well-executed campaign planning study will help you find the best path forward to fulfill your mission by strengthening donor and volunteer relationships, and by finding creative approaches for meeting the needs of your community.

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Campaign Readiness

Building alignment before the big launch

If you want to launch a major fundraising initiative, but your donors are not accustomed to being asked for major gifts, your board is uncertain how to share its passion for your mission, or your organization’s project plans are still taking shape, campaign readiness could be the next best step for your organization.

Campaign readiness will help you introduce a proposed project to current and potential donors, test the case for philanthropic support with these key stakeholders, identify potential campaign leaders, and determine a reasonable fundraising goal. Once the campaign readiness process is complete, you will know if you are ready to move into the early stages of fundraising, or if additional time and preparatory steps are needed. Your supporters will be better connected to your mission and priorities, and your leaders will be more practiced advocates for your organization.

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[Collins] didn’t merely answer questions; they had a genuine concern and compassion for our mission. That was really great.”

John Floberg
Executive Director / Washington State Parks Foundation


[Collins is] extraordinarily skilled at helping professional fundraisers stay focused and moving forward.”

Carol Lewis
RETIRED CEO / Philanthropy Northwest

Major Gifts Advancement

Deepening and strengthening key donor relationships

If your organization is missing out on significant gifts because you do not have the staffing and systems in place to nurture donor relationships, or you are considering launching a campaign in the next three to five years and want your top prospects fully engaged, it’s time to build up or increase the effectiveness of your major gifts program.

By investing in major giving, you will deepen relationships with donors and secure their ongoing commitment to your mission. Collins can assist with strategy development and prioritization, preparation and training for staff and volunteers, clarification and articulation of your vision and case for support, and implementation of a successful major gifts program.

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Development Advancement Studies and Plans

The building blocks of a strong fundraising program

A development advancement study assesses the effectiveness of your current fundraising programs and their impact on your objectives. We will work together to identify opportunities for an organization to advance its efforts in key areas to build donor relationships, increase organizational effectiveness, and raise money more effectively and successfully. Our consultants will evaluate your performance in seven core competency areas by collecting data, conducting interviews, and making comparisons to industry standards.  

If you are just starting a fundraising program, or ready to seriously focus on long-term fundraising success, Collins can help you create a multi-year development plan to lay out strategies and goals. In both studies and plans, we will offer recommendations that build on your strengths within the context of both internal and marketplace challenges and opportunities, resulting in increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and gifts.

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[Collins was] very attentive to our specific needs, very responsive to our circumstances, and was helpful in improvements around launching recommendations."

Lee Gorsuch
President / City University of Seattle


"The whole process and measurements used struck at the core strategic questions we’d been wrestling with. It was really amazing how you cut right to the chase in a way we were not able to do ourselves."

Katharine Barrett
Study Advisory Committee / KUOW

Strategic Planning

Evaluating direction and realizing opportunities

Strategic planning can be a catalyst for moving an organization forward in the right direction by considering future direction and sustainability through a community lens, not just internal perspectives. A strategic plan can also mobilize stakeholders to set the stage for expanded fundraising and resource development. While our strategic planning process encompasses four parts—an environmental assessment, a high-level strategic plan, an implementation plan, and key communications messages—it is highly flexible and can be scaled to your particular needs.

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Collins really understood us and our mission and culture. They brought honest feedback to the ideas we were testing beyond just agreeing with us. They didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear, they told us what we needed to hear."

Michael Murphy

Coaching for Executive and Development Directors

Fundraising got you flummoxed? We can help

Collins Group can provide your executive and development leadership with personal, one-on-one coaching to help with a number of interpersonal and professional goals including: personal effectiveness in your role as fundraiser, effective implementation of a development plan, creating a culture of philanthropy, and managing your fundraising staff. These sessions are structured around your personal development goals and organizational need.

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Board Trainings, Presentations, and Retreat Facilitation

Need just a little bit of counsel right now?

Collins provides guidance and facilitation for board retreats as well as training and presentations on a variety of topics including:

  • Are You Ready for a Campaign? 
  • The Board’s Role in Fundraising
  • Strategies for a Successful Campaign
  • Fundraising Effectiveness
  • Developing a Major Gifts Program
  • Making the Most of Your Special Events
  • The Art of the Ask: Donor Cultivation, Solicitation, and Stewardship
  • The Lifecycle of an Independent School Parent Donor 
  • Giving USA Report: The Northwest Perspective 

Contact us for more information about Board Trainings, Presentations, and Retreat Facilitation.

[Collins] gave us a lot of confidence about where we were going.They were really a catalyst for the whole board."

Joann Byrd


Collins Group was intimately involved in our success, providing excellent prospect research and targeted strategy that helped advance our campaign and major gifts program. A true team member!

Jason Keen
Director of Donor Relations, Pacific Science Center

Strategic Information Services and Analytics

Good data informs good decisions

Effective donor identification, qualification, and management are essential for a successful fundraising program. That’s why Collins helps you apply technology to your relationship management process with our Strategic Information Services and Analytics suite of information services. We uncover the deep and detailed knowledge about your donors and prospects that enables you to prioritize and create tailored fundraising appeals that motivate support.

Strategic Information Services and Analytics include research and analysis, system planning, system assessments, and training and coaching. The benefits: better information, more effective management processes, and increased fundraising capacity.

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Marketing and Communications

Compelling messaging for your donors and prospects

There’s no second chance to create a first impression. Whether positioning your mission in the philanthropic marketplace, building annual and online giving, or motivating generous gifts one-on-one, we can help. With a local Collins consultant to guide the process, you’ll work closely with our expert Marketing and Communications team at our parent organization, Campbell & Company; together we provide a comprehensive suite of persuasive, creative solutions:

Development Communications

  • Case Statements
  • Campaign Collateral
  • Digital Communications
  • Fundraising Communications Audits and Plans
  • Media Relations

Marketing Communications

  • Positioning and Branding
  • Communications Audits and Plans
  • Media Relations
  • Publications

Executive Search

Our clients repeatedly tell us that we listen to their specific needs and pay careful attention to their culture and nuances to find the best talent. Drawing on our parent organization, Campbell & Company, and its extensive database and a national network, we can help you find the strong leaders you need for the challenges ahead. 

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